A wide range of our services varies from the processing of primary documentation to reporting financial accounts and declarations, as well as the presentation of the reports to public institutions.

Accounting maintenance:

  • Primary documentation process
  • Invoice registration
  • Cash journal registration
  • Fixed assets registration
  • Expense report registration
  • Salary accounting
  • Salary payment registration
  • Bank accounting
  • Inventory accounting
  • Lease and copyright preparation and accounting
  • Travel allowance accounting
  • Financial accountability and tax accounts preparation
  • Provision of statements and other documentation to The Board/Statics Dep‘t
  • Consulting
  • Representing client during revisions

Additional accounting services:

  • Model contracts for work
  • Standard letters/ordinances of hiring and firing
  • Pay-rolls
  • Calculation forms for employees
  • Expense reports
  • Disposable/reusable provision accounting
  • Financial statement/accountancy editing before signing a contract
  • Interim financial statements
  • Compliance with the payment orders
  • Internal financial accounting:
  • Creditors/debtors
  • Reports on financial results
  • Selling reports
  • Reports of storehouse residues/surplus stock
  • Environmental pollution report
  • Application service
  • Reports for the company director
  • Delivery of reminders to the debtors

A financial account represents one of the types of economic activity of business, and also the analysis and information building for those, who are interested in the general results and prospects of external users. We not only count and analyse financial performance measures and coefficients, but also forecast the potential of the financial sustainability of an enterprise. The results of such research will allow you to understand the financial state of your affairs since every month we will provide you not only with an updated information on the dynamics of financial performance, but also with a detailed explanation and the prevention of negative tendencies of some
indicators and potential risk factors. Moreover, we offer a comparative analysis of the general tendencies in the similar enterprise areas, and counselling on the improvement of business. Based on data of your account and some additional information on the short-range plans of the company, we will make up and update the budget of the current income and expenses that allow to conduct strict monitoring of expenses and to establish the reasons of increase in the income of workers. As a result, such monitoring allows planning cash flows freely. This service allows controlling effectively a financial state of affairs of the company and saves time of managers.


If you left your accounting without due attention for quite a long time and now you realise there is no way to deal with the amount of work independently, experts of Your Accounting will restore your bookkeeping system from primary documentation to financial statements. Proper attention will be paid to the registration of business transactions in appropriate accounting journals, double counting of taxes, preparation and presentation of all reporting and declarations in government bodies.


The official independent audit of accounting and financial statements consists of information gathering and evaluation. The purpose of this revision is to analyse, whether the official financial statements fit the real state of the case, and to check if the accounts were closed according to the
legal acts and accounting instruments. We carry out audit under the auditing law of the Republic of Lithuania and normative legal acts and standards of the Republic of Lithuania, and other established international standards. A certified public accountant reports on the correctness of the management activity. Results of an audit inspection are made out as conclusions of audit and are presented to the shareholders and the company management. The head of the company receives a confidential letter with revealed inaccuracies and possible solutions.


Your Accounting deals with income/property statements both at the office, and in the client‘s.
List of services:
• Filling in annual income tax returns
• Filling in annual property tax statements
• Filling in statements for a 2% remittance as a donation to non-profit organisations, as established by The Law on Charity and Social Support of The Republic of Lithuania.


Professional consultation is a key solution to the problems of bookkeeping. Our company renders written and oral consulting services by phone, e-mail or in person. We possess a wealth of experience in financial consulting and help our clients to arrive at best solutions. Below you can find an approximate list of our counselling services
• Accounting arrangement according to the legislation and regulations of The Republic of Lithuania
• New requirements and laws
• Offers on correction of the inconsistencies revealed during the audit
• Instructions on the use of accounting record forms
o Assessment of economic indexes of the company
o Calculations, payments, taxes
• Internal control
• Profit taxes, VAT, real estate etc.


In order to designate a preliminary cost of the services, please find attached a questionnaire and reply to all of the questions so that our experts could process the information and contact you ASAP.
Company name:
Company address:
Contact person:
Phone of the contact person:
Email of the contact person:
Chief financial director:
Opening date:
Field of activity:
Start-up capital:
Total assets:
Number of branches:
Number of affiliated\associated companies:
Average annual turnover:
Staff (number of employees):
Accounting software:
Quantity of company vehicles:
Number of cash registers:
Quantity of the written out invoices a month:
Quantity of the received invoices a month:
Quantity of expense reports a month:
Number of credit cash orders a month:
Number of debit voucher a month:
Are the transactions with other countries carried out? Yes. No
Is there a leasing agreement? Yes. No
Did the company take the loan?
Period of recovery required

Additional bookkeeping services:
Acceptable terms:
We will contact you as soon as we process the data, thank you.


The cost of accounting services is established individually, depending on the field of activity, amount of documentation, staff and other features. Nevertheless, we want to pay your special attention to the fact that the price is flexible and can be of two types 1. Fixed, i.e. established by
approbation of both parties; 2. Unfixed, i.e. depending on the amount of primary documentation per month. The cost of recovery is negotiable. Please call us to discuss the degree of neglect and find the best solution for the acceptable price. The price of audit is established on the basis of the scope of work needed. Consulting prices depend on the complexity of your inquiry. NOTE: if the scope of work changes, the cost of services is recalculated. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone!


The monthly price of documentation analysis for new businesses is 150LT (net of value-added tax). We carry out the first month documentation analysis of new businesses FREE OF CHARGE 1 . If you recommend Your Accounting to your colleagues and acquaintances, we can make you a
special offer – 10% a discount for first three months.
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