Your accounting

Our purpose is to be YOUR accountant- a financial guide for tricky taxes and laws, analyzing your situation and helping you find economical solutions to it

Our Services

Accounting is not only about taking care of your data, but also giving you monthly reports about your financial situation, potential risk factors and other changes.

Registration of the buying and selling documents, declarations, audits and other important accounting services.

Consultations and help with legal questions, new laws, declaration to Sodra, VMI, VSDFV and the departament of Statistics.


A self-explanatory trade-name unveils our main tasks and functions, in other words, Your Accounting is an establishment dealing with bookkeeping, financial management, audit and consulting. Our specialists work only with the latest and most up-to- date financial software, such as
FINVALDA MAXI. Our experts take part in various refresher courses, which allow them using newest theoretical and practical skills at work.

Our main concept is a professional, effective, high-quality service, as well as strict confidentiality, accounting ethics and responsibility. We equally care for both our clients: beginners and old wolves
in the business world all around Europe. Your Accounting offers best solutions and risk management according to liability assurance and standards of business policy.

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